Star Trek: Picard is Total Dog Shit Garbage

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There’s a new Star Trek series called Star Trek: Picard that CBS began streaming a few weeks ago. After reading Anglin’s very negative review about it on the Daily Stormer, I decided to give the series a brief look. Especially considering that reviews of it on the major movie review sites have been overwhelmingly positive.


After watching some of it, I have no idea why any honest person would give this show a good review. This show is arguably even worse than Star Trek: Discovery which has been total garbage in its own right.

Sure, Star Trek: Picard brings back a White male character as the lead role and there’s no denying that Jean-Luc Picard was one of the more popular Star Trek characters ever. But basically what you have here is a beloved Star Trek character in his final years being harassed and bossed around by strong and empowered female characters in weird soap opera settings. The show does not look or feel anything like Star Trek.

In Episode 3, it is even said that Starfleet had given into fear and intolerance because of some controversy about them not wanting to help Romulans. So on top of all the feminist nonsense, there’s plenty of social justice garbage thrown in as well.

Admittedly, I was never a real big Star Trek fan, but I don’t see how your average Star Trek fan can find anything appealing about this show. Who the hell wants to see an old Starship captain getting bossed around by women? Not to mention this dumb social justice bullshit that’s been thrown in.

At first I had no idea why Patrick Stewart who is almost 80-years-old would agree to reprise his role as Jean-Luc Picard considering that this was the script and format he’d be acting in. But he said in an interview that he agreed to do it because of some nonsense about Donald Trump and Brexit.

Patrick Stewart, the star and executive producer of the new series “Star Trek: Picard,” has said that he wants science fiction to confront a world plagued by Trump and Brexit, by endless wars and immigration crises.

— The New Yorker (@NewYorker) February 7, 2020

So based on that, we already can get a sense of where the show’s erratic plot is heading.

But all this show has done is destroy the beloved Picard character and we are only a few episodes into the series.

Not shockingly, the main people behind this series were Jews. Alex Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman being among the prominent Jews involved with it.



So if you want to blame somebody for this debacle, you can blame them.

The YouTube reviews I have found of the show have been all negative.

Here’s a few below.

There’s also plenty of negative comments on social media about the show.

The 2nd episode of PICARD actually offended me. I cannot stand the current incarnation of STAR TREK. For eleven years, I watched something I’ve loved turned into something I truly loathe. The creators of this abomination represent the systemic failure of corporate entertainment.

— Robert Meyer Burnett (@BurnettRM) February 3, 2020


— STD SUCKS (@StdSucks) September 13, 2019

This Doomcock guy had some comments that were particularly on point.

Star Trek Picard is dropping sharply in terms of public interest according to data obtained using the excellent Google Trends search tool. Let's examine what the hard data tells us about Picard's popularity, & the possible reasons for this decline! #picard

— Doomcock (@doomcock) February 4, 2020

Star Trek Picard Episode 3 is truly pathetic. Terrible dialogue, ridiculous plot developments, cheesy characters, a complete repudiation of everything Star Trek was supposed to be…this is what failure looks like. Can't wait to review this debacle tonight at 5:30 pm Central. 🙄

— Doomcock (@doomcock) February 7, 2020

Star Trek Picard Episode 3 is a grievous insult to Star Trek and to its fans. How long can this debacle continue? How long will fans tolerate the symbolic and literal attacks on this beloved modern myth? Doomcock unleashes hell on this disgrace!. #picard

— Doomcock (@doomcock) February 8, 2020

Sadly there is so much that's bad in Star Trek Picard Episode 3 I couldn't fit it all into one review. May have to do another video. God it's stupid.

— Doomcock (@doomcock) February 8, 2020

With all the negative feedback this show has received and all the obvious problems it has, it defies comprehension that the show has been reviewed so positively. The only explanation for this is that these reviews are fake and are the result of paid shills.

Would it have been so hard for these kikes just to create a proper Star Trek show? The fact that they have deliberately chosen to destroy the Picard character with this horrible bullshit should make every real Star Trek fan extremely angry. I’m surprised Trekkies haven’t been calling for Jews to be Holocausted over this obscenity that is Star Trek: Picard.


I own the original series on blu ray… link,

I wouldn’t even watch this garbage, the jews are giving it the star wars treatment , I used to think Stewart was ok, now i can’t stand the clown.

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I never could understand the appeal of these shows, with the exception of the original series. The one or two shows I watched with Picard in, he seemed a little Beta to be commanding a ship.


If the producers of these propaganda pieces were capable of creating compelling stories and well-rounded likeable characters their efforts would be somewhat more successful. As it is, they will fail miserably, as they deserve.