Spirit of '89


Where have all the White Men gone? What happened to freeing the world from Communism? When did the Bundesrepublik become DDR part 2? I will not be attending Oktoberfest in a dirndl this year. Instead a stahlheim. 30 years after the Great Berlin Hammer Game and nothing to show. Just new marxists and stazis.


I will give you a white pill. Miracles can happen!


Is this really going to be Germany’s future?



The Spirit of '89 is still alive in the state Sachsen (Saxony). Have you never heard of the PEGIDA movement? PEGIDA started in late 2014. It stands for: Patriotische Europäer gegen Islamisierung des Abendlandes (Patriotic Europeans against Islamisation of the Occident)… These brave Saxon people are marching through the city of Dresden every monday evening since almost 5 years now. They are protesting peacefully against the insane policy of our shitty government. They stand their ground against massive repression, defamation and lies of government and mainstream media. Between 10000 and 30000 people regularly take part in these rallies. There are people from Saxony but also from other German states. When there are acts of violence it always comes from the left side, from the Antifa scum which is always there and which is even supported financial and logistical by the leftist parties. That means those leftist parties provide the Antifa red-fascists with taxpayer money to attack peaceful taxpaying citizens! … The famous Monday rallies of 1989 which helped to end the communistic DDR were paragon for the Pegida rallies. So one can say the Spirit of '89 is still alive. At least in Saxony.


And i would prefer to see you in a Dirndl. A Stahlhelm doesn’t fit on a princess head.


It’s not the future. It’s the present.
I still hope the future will be without niggers…


Threw up a little in my mouth.


I know some cool kraut chicks who are good at sewing. I can only bitch, can’t stitch. We are working on a dirndl design based on subtle lines used in the Kriegfahne of WK1. We are also thinking about making fake soccer kits for teams lost after WK2 with sponsorships like EG Farben. Sport graphic design was a hobby of mine.


Sounds good to me. Let me know when those special Dirndls are finished. I would like to have one for my wifey.


I have to learn some new software so it should be ready for next Maifest. Will scan some hand-drawn sketches later this month. The last appraisal wanted $180 per dirndl (not counting blouse but those are pretty generic and easily found). I want to have a simpler design making it more modern and affordable plus wearable for more than one day of the year. I have also been working on alternative-fiction fußball kits for former and fictional teams of the Reich. E.g. : FC Auschwitz with an IG Farben sponsor logo. I’m looking for ways to support the cause in some way.


For FRENS, I can re-design your club unis as it could have been if we won WK2. Feel free to give me crest and sponsor ideas. IG Farben, Deutsche Reichsbahn, Luft hansa are my first ideas. I have ways around trademark laws.


You have some really cool and funny ideas Prinzessin. I’m looking forward when it’s finished.
I’d like to reserve some of your stuff. Most of all that imperial-flag dirndl for my wifey.
And i guess those IG Farben shirts would also be highly appreciated by some comrades here :wink: