Speaking of a Gang of Niggers


another one bites the dust… once a nigger gang-banger ALWAYS a nigger gang-banger. if you manage to stay out of prison being a black gang member and get rich rappin n shit, you had better not diss yo bros in da hood or youz gunna git wasted. and so it came to pass… this nigga gangsta finally figured-out that it’s a hell of a lot better to be a free rich nigga than a dirty ghetto-rat, prison nigga. once that happens; BLAM BLAM BLAM. u bee daed…


This was front page news locally - as if this worthless POS were some kind of hero for saving people.

He’s just another tired nigger who got shot by his own homies.


“Nipsey Hustle”…a reference to the rhyming Negro comedian Nipsey Russell, who appeared as a celebrity panelist on a lot of TV game shows in the 70s.

These colored people…amirite?


The first report I saw about this described him as “a pillar of the south Los Angeles community”. One comment was ‘That tells you all you need to know about south Los Angeles’.


There is something more sinister going on.


Match Game was one of the shows he was on. I remember watching one of these when I was very young where Russell answered a question about the movie ‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips.’ A woman celebrity guest said, ‘In Nipsy’s case, it would be Goodbye Mr. Chocolate Chips!’ Could’nt get away with that today.


And what follows:
At least 19 people were injured at a makeshift memorial for the slain rapper Nipsey Hussle in Los Angeles on Monday night, as a stampede broke out when mourners tried to flee the area.

I’d say “stampede” says it perfect.


LMAO… yeah, the violent jigaboos chimped-out again.


i heard this BUT then i saw the “Doctor” and realized that it was bullshit. he was supposedly curing people of diseases with herbs or some shit like that. lol… i’m pretty sure that Nipsey got fragged by The Hood.


“In recent years, he had been buying up real estate in the neighborhood to try become a legitimate real estate mogul.”
Sourced from daily mail
Niggas must hate him because he’s becoming a Jew-like landlord and fear of nigga betrayal lolz


You were correct, it was a jig that killed him and the irony is the perpetrator charged is named Eric Holder!!! :joy:

As they say, “All is well that ends well.”


lol… do you have a link?


strange… my reply disappeared.

the shooter is named Eric Holder and he looks like Obama! LMAO!