Spain Saves 549 African Invaders in the Mediterranean


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Now that Italy has refused to take in an unlimited flood of African invaders, the Africans are trying to invade Europe by way of Spain. Unfortunately, Spain just rescued 549 of these Africans.


Spain's maritime rescue service says it saved 549 migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

The service says its craft intercepted six small boats carrying a total of 350 migrants on Saturday in waters east of the Strait of Gibraltar.

On Sunday another 199 migrants were pulled from five different boats, including two tiny inflatable boats meant for small bodies of water or near the beach. One of those tiny recreational boats was carrying four children. The other was packed with 10 adults.

If there's any silver lining to this it is that this migrant invasion is helping swing Spain towards the right-wing. The more of these niggers get shipped in, the faster we'll see this shift take place. We are already seeing the right-wing make gains in the southern part of the country where there's been high unemployment and lots of niggers.

Nationalism is on the rise everywhere and Spain is no exception. They’ve just been a bit slower to experience this shift.


Isabella and Ferdinand knew how to deal with Invaders.


The comments on that video give me a lot of hope.


they call it a humanitarian mission but it’s really not at all. the savages don’t arrive by inflatable boats. they are ferried to big ships via the rafts and then to Europe. all whites who champion immigrants should be hanged. that might happen soon. i can’t wait to watch the video.