Spahnranch vermisst


For some time past while being around here at this forum, i noticed that something is missing. Something significant: The valued comrade ‘spahnranch1969’ has not been seen here for about 2 months now. He used to be a passionate poster who seemed to be here almost every day. Such a long absence is quite unusual in his case.
I’m not sure if it’s cool to create such a topic, but his absence bothers me. I really like that guy. He is a good-natured Yankee-brother and left a lasting impression on me with his great comments and his awesome knowledge.
I wonder what happened to him :thinking:
Did he just take a little break, or has he retired from ranting? Was he fragged by the Mossad for being a too woke goyim? Did he made his final journey to Valhalla?? Does anybody know??


I always enjoyed his posts and have also missed him.


I have also been thinking about our mighty Mr Spahnranch. I’m sure there was a post from him about 3 to 4 weeks ago. And it was a good one, as always. My best regards to the man.


I thought dude was in jail or something but I see him post at


Thank you for that link… I just went there and scrolled down the comment sections of the first few most recent topics. There is an article from yesterday of some hipster guy referring about if America is a great nation or not. And there i found HIM, the mighty Spahnranch!! :slight_smile:

July 4, 2019 at 10:16 pm

Here is one rhetorical question Matt Walsh forgot to ask:
Is a hostile alien parasite allowed to rule in a great country?

So obviously he is still alive and well :slight_smile:
And that’s good to know…


Hopefully, he’s ok and will be posting again!

Maybe he’s busy coordinating a 50th year Manson murder tour of Spahn ranch on August 9?



Can we get @Ziofascist back?