South Africa: Political Debate Turns Into Chair Throwing Contest


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A political debate in South Africa between two political parties filled with niggers turned into a chair throwing contest.

This sort of undermines the argument that race doesn’t exist. You don’t see White people doing this. You only see niggers doing this sort of shit.

The only time I’ve seen White people do this sort of thing was at an Extreme Championship Wrestling event back in the 1990s. And they were only throwing chairs around because Mick Foley aka Cactus Jack requested one of the fans give him a chair as he was wrestling Terry Funk. The fans kept throwing chairs into the ring because they did not know how many chairs he wanted.

But that’s wrestling, not a political debate.


they were arguing about which bush-meat gives you super-powers to fight whites.


At the next debate they should just sit on basketballs. Seriously.


Typical nigger behavior this is so tiring…


I’m surprised they even have chairs.


I never grow bored of watching niggers nigging out. When observed from afar, niggers are an endless source of entertainment for me.


Those chairs were stolen from Whitey.


Yeah true, but growing up in new jersey, going to school ( state run, not town district) you’ll had ur limit of noggery. I got into fights with them once a while. But I got admit, if u think like them, talk like em and they’ll make an easy tool to convince to incite a fight with another nigs. Sure that’s fun.


Play sounds of monkey or chimps screeching and fighting while watching the viddies. Very fitting and lulzy.




This is just CLASSIC nigger behavior.
When there is not enough poop to throw…
I’d be surprised if there not a big rape and muh-dik fest after these feral apes got riled up. Involving pig lard, nigger grease, toddlers, twerking and cannibalism.

Remember there are actually a lot of idiots out there that believe these animals are just like us and built Wakanda and were scientists mathematicians and inventors LOL