Soros Warns Against Nationalism


Soros’ efforts to destroy Europe have now been met with fierce resistance and anti-EU sentiments threatening his “open societies foundation” efforts to destroy white countries. there may be NOTHING that this filthy jew can do now except watch everything that he’s devoted his life to be destroyed by freedom loving protesters.


the outdated party system that prevails in most European countries

To be replaced by what?


replaced by an EU panel of puppets.


Really, what the fuck does Soros’ global slave plantation have to offer anyone, except a third world standard of living under a hi-tech police state?


He is right in the sense the Europeans need to wake up to the destruction of their culture by the invasion of low IQ bio weapons from Africa and Middle East brought to them by the jew Soros himself. They certainly are sleepwalking in oblivion. Don’t ya love it how they twist the words around like that?


Italy finds itself in a similar predicament. The EU made a fatal mistake in 2017 by strictly enforcing the Dublin Agreement, which unfairly burdens countries like Italy where migrants first enter the EU. This drove Italy’s predominantly pro-European and pro-immigration electorate into the arms of the anti-European League party and Five Star Movement in 2018.

So, pro-immigration = pro-European. Right…


yes, the headline of that article was a bit confusing because the problems over there all are the result of open borders… Soros turns it into a slam against The Yellow Vests who are only trying to stop the madness that has befallen their homeland. after they take control of their government, they will have to send all of the savages back to africa. i hope to live to see it…


Euro-peons plan on being just that,…peons to the niggers! Wake the fuck up, i am ashamed of being what once was proud, strong german, viking heritage!