Somali Women Fight Over Vacuum in Walmart on Black Friday


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What a video we have here. It shows a couple of Somalis fighting over a vacuum in Walmart during Black Friday.

As these two vibrants fight over the vacuum a black guy is shown laughing while a boomer female Walmart employee tries to feebly intervene between the two Somalis. Some have speculated that one of the Somalis might be Ilhan Omar, but this has yet to be confirmed considering all Somalis tend to look alike.

Isn’t multiculturalism great? I don’t know what we would do as a society without this type of thing happening.


It couldn’t have been more aptly named.


Now that’s getting into the spirit of the season ladies! They’re assimilating so well.


garbage is as garbage does


What use could they possibly have for a vacuum?


Man: for sure watching these fights is amusing. There should be a TV channel named “NiggerFight Live” where these savage fights are broadcast live and one could even bet: more fun and interesting to see than your common nigger-filled sports since there is real chimpanzee action here!


It would be really funny if it transpired that they were fighting over an empty box. :grinning:


Shoplifting suspects pepper-spray employees


I thought Somalinegroes were thin. We are fattening them up over here, why?


Life is easier in the west…