Somali Cop in Minnesota Gets 12+Years



Great news but it’s too short. ACLU called it racism because he’s black muslim and Somalian. Not in Minnesota land of 10,000 cucks actually they’re a lot more. Just like the lakes.


Look at the size of that noggin. It’s fucking tiny, he must have a brain the size of an orange. Whoever thought having a literal homo-erectus roaming the streets with a gun was a good idea should have been charged alongside him.


they should also put all of the pro-immigrant ‘leaders’ in prison with him.

Obama looked at The Census and decided that Minnesota was to white and so sent in Somali Savages by the thousands. now a good white woman is dead because the mayor and her henchmen put this monkey jigaboo on their police farce and were all smiles about it. oops… no doubt the nigs got the Affirmative Action enrollment test. but wait: there are more Somali cops on the police force! what can possibly go wrong?

the very first thing that the globalists do is put their savage imports into positions of power and authority over white people.


Justice not served. He’ll plea it down and serve two years.

Affirmative Action kills.


Thank Bill Clinton - before Obama - for allowing in this filthy vermin:

From the article:

On Thursday two Somalis burned down the pavilion at Lake Calhoun [or Lake Bde Maka Ska if you’re a virtue signaler) an eating and hanging out meeting place in the heart of the city enjoyed by generations of Americans around the prettiest city lake you’ve ever seen. This is in the most expensive neighborhood in Minneapolis.

On Friday a gang of 10-12 Somali youths attacked all the white people at that same East Bank Train station with hammers and pipes. Snopes (FACT CHECK: Did a 'Mob of Somali Teens' Attack Minneapolis Commuters with Hammers in Racially Motivated Assault?) says this is “Mostly False” because after the attack they fled, and out of the 7 who were eventually apprehended only two were still in possession of weapons, in this case pipes. So therefore, it never happened.

And now Tuesday a woman walking her dog in a gorgeous, huge, wooded off leash dog park, complete with sandy beach on the Mississippi River, found spikes just off the path. Sharp metal objects taped to a wooden spike, presumably designed to hurt dogs running happily through the underbrush. Now, we don’t know that a Somali did that, it could be some crazed psycho Swede, but Islam abhors dogs as unclean because the prophet did.


80,000, violent Somali NIGGERS imported to Minnesota they say "because of their generous welfare benefits.


Those responsible for importing these low IQ savages and even employing them in law enforcement should also be held legally to blame for this and innumerable other atrocities.


I think this POS should get the firing squad. I’d volunteer to do it too…


I agree. We should do the humane thing and send him back to Somalia & let him serve the 12 & a half years in a prison there.


80,000 violent Somali NIGGERS imported to Minnesota b/c it was too White - and ZOG can’t have that.

The White Genocide Agenda must be enforced.

I’m sure they’ll take in these poor Congolese refugees, 350, fast-breeding, low IQ, violent vermin that are looking for a home in a White State:


a group of 350 Congolese migrants arrived in the city unexpectedly... The City of San Antonio apparently expected to be able to move the Congolese migrants along to Portland, Maine... the City is now attempting to locate other localities that will accept these migrants.


Congolese are coming across the Mexican border. somehow someway they get to Mexico and then are told what to do to get to America.


(((Someone))) is flying them into Mexico to get around Trump’s travel ban, there’s no other way a 65-IQ, destitute POS like Congolese would end up in Mexico.

Then they’re escorted to the U.S. border for invasion.


just you wait everyone…one day soon it’ll be legal for these subhuman niggers to rape and kill whites if we “look” racist
It’s coming…and our people are championing this treason