Sociopath White-Trash Teacher Feeds Puppy to Snapping Turtle


this really made me angry. i called the school but they must be getting inundated with calls because you can only leave a message. what goddamned white-trash filth… Robert Crosland, a science teacher fed a live puppy to his pet snapping turtle in front of the class, teaching kids the art of cruelty to animals. fortunately they put this pos on trial but the jackass jury let him off. he should be fed to to a giant snake.


yeah, i remember when this affirmative action negro beast did something similar earlier last year with zero coverage from the enemy jew media…

but this is pointing out a larger , more kosher type of a problem.
Your children are far more likely to be raped or molested by teacher in public ZOG schools but the churches are the only places assumed to be where your children are raped or fondled by “trusted” members of our communities.
There seems to be an overwhelming amount of power and influence over the minds of our children in public school settings.
As our effendi grow stronger and become more and more unquestionable and untouchable we will continue to see this trend grow.
The number of female school teachers who have been arrested for having sex with teen boys in the last 5 years is unreal.


have you seen or read about this glorious story?


This is infuriating. Anyone harming a dog should die a slow and painful death. Encouraging children in this depravity perpetuates the cruelty.


no, i didn’t see that… here’s another one:

for better or worse the inmates are running the prisons…