So, thought I'd point out how I found this place


This has a timestamp to show the “blacklist”. I was already getting a little annoyed at this video at this point, but then I saw this list and thought “Hey a list of places that I would like” After all that I’ve researched in the last two years, this whole Veritas story comes off as nothing but part of the (((show))). One of the first things the little pencil neck says is “Google wants to prevent another Trump from ever rising to power”. Sorry, but that’s a dead giveaway that his guy coming forward is 100% planned and allowed. We all know where Trump’s loyalties are, and it isn’t the USA. He works for the same people that the idiots at Google do. I refuse to believe that the Google execs are completely unaware, and 100% manipulated like the rest of the normies. These people are aware that they are partaking in a dog and pony show.