Sluts Suing School After Having Drunk Sex And Making Up Sex Abuse Stories Because They’re Bored


Another bitch who deserve to be rape for real.

It’s absurd, when they accept to rejoin a man in a room they know perfectly than it’s not for play jenga.


The safest place for any man to be alone with a woman is inside a brothel house. That’s not hyperbole, that’s just a fact these days.


If those place had nice bars & offered food they could become real focal points for social transformation.

I think the samurai have something like that in Japan.


The thing is than man don’t have the means for pay a prostitute anymore, and that very problematic has it have becoming too risky to get laid without being falsely accused of rape, and man need to free there balls for there health.


The problem are woman who have become frigid hoes, any courtship have become a pretext for rape accusation when it’s the base of society.


It’s a bad situation no doubt. Prostitution should be fully legal everywhere. It’s just a shame that in the United States, Nevada is really the only place you can go and as far as I understand the prices are outrageous in some of those establishments. Plenty of places in Europe you can go though.


But has i say young man don’t have the money to go see prostitute. They have a huge student debt to pay and other expenses leaving them with nothing to get cared by a hooker.

That terrible, the only way for americans to get a proper woman would be in Asia or in Europe of east.


Part of the problem is the artificially inflated value of pussy which is directly due to the fact that prostitution is only legal in specific places. And sure, many young men who are just getting started don’t have the financial resources to engage in this because it currently requires travel, hotels etc… just to go to a place where it is legal.


It’s a great time to etablish a UBSI : Universal Basic Sex Income like extend the first amendment to internet, they are two emergencies.

Once the prostitution will be legalized, the woman will stop to overvalue there pussies because there performance will be in competition with more experience woman. What hate woman is the comparison, and society tend to overvalue girls when they are incapable to satisfy a man, a prostitute know how to satisfy a man because she was train to do so and have the technic. Prostitute use to sexually educated men before there marriage, like that they wouldn’t be awkward while there first night.

When i see this, i understand better why they have suppressed the prostitution know, it was for increased the dependence of man toward women and thus instill a frustration in then. All this speech about true love and women integrity is Talmudic bullshit and civilization destroyer.


Scarcity breeds higher prices and quantity breeds lower prices. It’s one of the reasons renting is so fucking expensive. Bring in the 3rd world to rural areas has caused my rent to go from 350 for a 2 bedroom to where FMV (fair market value) is around 750 for a 2 bedroom.

Within a 10 year period. I started renting at 21 and I’m going to be 32 this year. Looking to move into something else. Maybe put a down-payment on a something to buy.


The fault goes mainly to the real estate speculation.