Sky News Cuts Off General After He Drops Truth About Syria


Originally published at: Sky News Cuts Off General After He Drops Truth About Syria |

A former British Commander in Iraq was dropping some serious truth about Syria on Sky News the other day. He specifically questioned why Bashar Al-Assad would gas his own people when he was winning the war. Right after he started destroying the official narrative, he was immediately cut off and dropped from the broadcast. It just goes to show you that there is no intention to have any sort honest discussion on these propaganda networks. It’s just Jewish propaganda and lies.


The ministry of truth is going into overdrive trying to sell this bullshit.



Yeah. Now that’s what I call real reporting!


Cutting him off makes their dishonesty all the more obvious.

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LOL. The altright’s biggest gift to the world may be forcing the Jewish Regime to drop the pretense of democracy.

It’s full-blown 1984, except Emmanuel Goldstein is running the show, and Pepe is his eternal scapegoat.


My favorite part is when shitlibs punt on free speech: “the foist amendment doesn’t apply to corporations, goy!”

Translation: “fuck free speech, we always hated her, we just used her to seize control; now we’re putting a bullet in the back of her head and dumping her in a shallow, unmarked grave.”