Should the BBC have fired Danny Baker even if it believed he was ‘unintentionally racist’?



A quote from the article:

“If we believe that this was a joke mocking the mixed-race origins of the newborn Archie, whose mother Meghan Markle is half black.”

Their is a valid reason why the so-called Windsor/Saxe Coberg Gotha bloodline is attempting to gain new genetics to their DNA.

“The current ruling dynasty of England, the House of Windsor, is carrying on the breeding habits of their ancestors. Queen Elizabeth II (1926- ) is married to Prince Philip, her second cousin once removed through King Christian IX of Denmark, and her third cousin through Queen Victoria.”

After centuries of inbreeding between the Hapsburgs, and other monarchs of Europe they have corrupted their DNA resulting in hemophilia, porphyria, and numerous other diseases and genetic defects related to intermarriage combined with Ashkenazi polluted DNA mixed in.


don’t shy away from being branded a “racist”. it’s politically correct bullshit. i had a liberal pos start screaming at me that i was a “racist proud nazi”. i just stood my ground against him and waited for him to physically attack me but unfortunately he never did. the pos store banned ME. lol… i’m glad because the diseased Haitians there are going to infect the entire store soon.


I don’t think he should have been sacked at all, it was heavy handed. He can actually be quite funny and witty. It shows a level of humourlessness and frightenedness to sack the guy. He will pop up somewhere else tho, and be done with the shitty snivelling BBC.