Sex Robot Gets 92 Matches in Two Hours on Tinder


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A sex robot put on to Tinder got 92 matches in only two hours. This shows that sex robots are quickly becoming a more mainstream part of our society.


Millions of people go on dating apps for some human warmth now and then – for some, though, 'human' isn’t necessarily part of the equation. A realistic sex robot has garnered almost a hundred matches on Tinder in just two hours.

An experiment was conducted by a filmmaker working on a film about sex robot brothels. In a quest for source material, Jimmy Meihel set up a dating profile on Tinder for Harmony – the world's first sex robot with an AI.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Meihel said he picked a prime time and prime place: 9 to 11pm on a Friday night on the lower east side of Manhattan. A stunning 92 men in the vicinity spied right.

Considering how awful women are these days, this result does not surprise me in the least. Jewish feminism has devalued women to the point where most of them are just walking front holes. Many of them don't want to cook, clean or have children until they're in their late 30s. They also have shitty attitudes and consider themselves empowered because they were able to land a hoax affirmative action job. So at this point, the only value men see in women is for sex.

Now with these sex robots becoming more and more sophisticated, women may soon not even be desired for sex. And there’s definition advantages to sex robots over normal women. At least a sex robot can’t falsely accuse you of rape like a woman can.

There’s also the possibility that we’ll soon see artificial wombs developed. If that happens, women won’t even be needed for procreation.

If women were smart, they’d immediately return to engaging in traditional roles before society no longer has any use for them. That’s not even hyperbole, it is just an honest assessment of where we are as a society.


In the 70s sex robots weren’t needed, because the girls were hot. These days? Not so much.


Interesting topic here. As it shows the damage that exaggerated feminism and emancipation has done to the correlation of man and woman. Everything has become so complicated now that men even prefer robots!
Personally i still prefer real women. Of course they can be very annoying with their high voices, their weird moods and the crap they are regularly talking. But apart from sexual aspects they can be good buddies and spend some warmth as well. And i’m sure a real woman is also cheaper than such a robot :wink:
And even today there are still plenty of hot decent aryan women among all those strange hags and freaks. It only takes more effort to get them laid…
By the way, that robot-girl shown above still looks more natural than any of those Kardashian-skanks! :slight_smile:


This article made me laugh out loud. It’s like the Terminator movies becoming real life. Now we have sex with robots. I suppose at least a robot can’t take you for everything you’ve got when things get sour. Or can they? I suppose the next thing will be they can still hire a lawyer and still take men to the cleaners. I sincerely hope feminists are outraged over this if they have any humanity left in them. The irony here is that this insanity is indeed a result of feminism so they don’t have much of a case in my view. I suppose they will need to make male robots too now for women who don’t want a real man or for the fag population. Or a tranny robot? Gotta keep things ‘equal’ right? Oh my God what the hell is going on?


Women nowadays are demanding mouthy and think they can beat up any man. Name one creature on Earth that would walk up to a large predator and mouth off and then be surprised when they get attacked.