Seems there's an emergency at the border


Border at ‘Breaking Point’ as More than 76,000 Migrants Cross in a Month

For quick news, I check google. Right now, at the top story section, multiple headlines on this. Would be hard for anyone, HELLO RAND PAUL, to deny an emergency exists when even kike filled NPR along with others are saying “breaking point”, “crisis”, etc. They say everything but “emergency” but if anyone searched synonyms for emergency, I’m betting 500 shekels to anyone’s 50 that crisis is there.

Don’t waste time betting, I Ducked synonyms for emergency.


for those who say that this ISN’T a crisis then at what point will it become one? they can’t just keep blabbing “no crisis” they have to give a concrete number of illegals coming across the border that would signal a crisis. i say ten is the crisis point.


It won’t be a crisis until the dumbocraps have enough illegals voting for their 2020 candidate.