‘Schindler’s List’ waffle fries cause outrage at Aussie diner


oh vey!!!


“This hurtful and insensitive incident would leave most gasping, and is the latest example of a trend that only seems to be getting worse as we move further in time and people forget what actually happened in World War II,”* Dr Dvir Abramovich, chairman of Australia’s Anti-Defamation Commission said in a statement.

Gasping…with laughter


Histrionics seems to be a character trait of these people… its ridiculous and would be hilarious if it wasnt so damaging to our own race.


i’ll bet that most jews don’t even know that Schindler’s List was A BOOK OF FICTION so that they can spread the lie with righteous indignation.


Theyre kind of like muslims, fanactical and an extreme example of group association!!! most arent religious , just like muslims theyre mostly just tribal and cultural jews as opposed to religious jews.


Like pizza, these fries do not scream when you put them in the oven-- or the fryer.


Can’t wait for the director’s cut!


Oy Vey! Fifteen dollars!