Scandinavian Airlines Posts Video Saying Scandinavians Don't Exist

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Scandinavian Airlines for some bizarre reason posted a video saying that Scandinavians don’t exist. The video even features some nigger talking about his alleged Viking ancestors. As if there were nigger Vikings. The whole thing is nuts.

Scandinavian airlines has published a video claiming that there is nothing Scandinavian.

It has already become controversial, with many critisizing the video.

— Times of Sweden (@TimesofSweden) February 11, 2020

The fact that we are even having this discussion is insane. The Scandinavian people have a long and rich history. So for this airliner to claim that this history doesn’t exist is totally nuts. Especially when the history of the Scandinavian people is a big part of the brand.

Backlash to this stupid video has been so intense that they were forced to make the video private.

SAS yrittää tehdä uutta maailmanennätystä Tube-videoiden peukkusuhteessa. Pari vuorokautta mennyt ja hyvältä näyttää.

— Alaston totuus (@Alastontotuus) February 11, 2020

This David Vance guy had some good commentary on this retarded shit.

New ad for Scandinavian Airlines @SAS insists that “nothing is Scandinavian”, and that it’s all imported. The names of Thor and Odin, the lands of sauna, fjords, and Abba are all erased into oblivion. This black gentleman states “We are no better than our Viking ancestors”.

— David Vance (@DVATW) February 11, 2020

How can the marketing people at this airliner be so tone deaf to do something like this?

How retarded are these people?

Guess they just wanted to destroy their entire brand by being “woke.” Well, there is nothing “woke” about saying the Scandinavian people don’t exist and have no history. It is the exact opposite of “woke.”


How lame to suggest that paper clips, meatballs and modern windmills define a culture reaching back to antiquity. No mention of the Viking age, their ships, exploration, the Eddas and Sagas, as well as later literature and music, etc., etc.


Same with the IKEA catalog - filled with blacks and mixed-race couples as if this is the normal Sweden.

Any country whose government that allows the likes of this…

Or this:

Is already gone…