Sanctions on YOU and YOU and YOU


every time you turn around The USA is hitting another country with ‘sanctions’ generally because they don’t want to be enslaved by Fed Jew Banksters. the latest threat of “sanctions” however is being levied at Turkey, a member of NATO for buying a Russian made S-400s advanced missile defense system from an “adversary”. what i think that they’re really angry about is that they are worried that the Smart Russians are building better military hardware than the USA. also, Fed Jews hate Russia for stopping their all-goyim army in Syria and Iran. so now The 9/11 psycho, Pompeo is mad as hell and wants SANCTIONS on Turkey. Erdogen isn’t likely to succumb to such threats and i’m sure that the sale will go forward… what a turnaround though after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet killing the pilot, about which Putin declared it a “stab in the back”.