San Francisco's Shit Problem is Getting Worse


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San Francisco continues to be one of the most disgusting cities in the United States. That’s because the Communist assholes that run the city refuse to do anything substantive about all the homeless niggers that are shitting everywhere.


There has been an increase in the number of complaints about feces in the streets of San Francisco lately, according to city data obtained by rental site RentHop.
RentHop found using public data from the city’s website where people can complain to the city about reports of human and animal waste that the city has received more than 25,000 complaints about fecal matter between January and November of this year.

“Its a serious public health concern. Its a public relations concern when you have a city that’s driven by tourism and conventions and visitors from all over the world. Its frankly embarrassing,” one San Francisco resident told KRON.

According to RentHop, the city’s 311 reporting system for human and animal waste complaints received 28,315 complaints about feces in 2018— up 35 percent from 2017.

The complaints include both human and animal feces.

The problem has become so out of hand for the city that in 2018, the city’s Department of Public Works announced that it would be taking care of the situation with a “poop patrol” to clean up the streets of what people had dubbed “San Fransicko.”

The city has also begun to install public toilets at specific locations throughout the city to minimize waste on the streets.

If nothing is done about this problem soon, I’m going to hope that either North Korea or China nukes the entire city. It’s already a biological wasteland any way and at least if it were nuked it would get rid of the disgusting niggers that are shitting all over the place.


The wife of my old teacher was shot in San Francisco (I hope i don´t doxx myself). He still wants to travel there?!


My first time in SF in the early 90’s , I was barely there a week and some mexican was shot in the chest right in front of me in a side street just off market at about 4pm, not sure if he died or survived but it looked bad.


My first time there was in the late 80’s, as I was passing through. I got fuel and used the restroom, which you had to pay to get into. The walls were covered with gay graffiti and the place was a mess.


A literal shithole. I will never ever go there.


I stayed in San Francisco for a few weeks back in the early 2000s. Looking back, it was one of the best experiences I ever had. That being said, you couldn’t help but notice the writing was on the wall. Even than, locals were complaining about high rents, the homeless, tech companies elbowing in, gentrification, and the city losing its soul.

For anyone who has spent time there, you can’t help notice something. There is an “evil” feeling to the city. Some have described the same feeling to New Orleans, but there is something really off-putting about San Francisco.