Royals get tough on cyberbullying: Aides warn social media followers they could be reported to POLICE for abusing Meghan and Kate online – after Kensington Palace admitted it spends hours blocking vile comments




long ago i was very upset to learn that an IRA plot to kill Diana and Charles had failed… Diana was just a baby factory for The SCUMBAG Royal Family. She’d be alive, rich and happy today had she not been star-struck by the scumbag, Charles and wanted to be part of the Royal BULLSHIT. the jew-media was all over that wedding. it was one of the most revolting bunches of shit I’ve ever seen. The IRA agreed and tried to kill them both but unfortunately failed and here’s the result. A NWO pos “prince” promoting interracial marriage.


I wonder if this is the reason they killed Mountbatten? a substitute for Charles?


who knows… this is an evil patriarchy who are now destroying their country.


Royal what? What supposedly makes a “royal”? Because someone is born into it they are automatically qualified to run a country? Does this seem logical or reasonable to ANYONE? And, the mental misfits of brainless britain buy it hook, line, and sinker. Wow, need to get that pet rock business going again.


there is fuck-all royal about Harry.


They can suppress the truth and silence the people, but they will never succeed in turning an ugly mulatto strumpet into a princess.