Ross Perot Just Died


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Ross Perot died the other day. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he was a business man who ran a moderately successful populist independent campaign for the presidency back in 1992. He ended up getting around 19 percent of the vote.

It’s too bad he didn’t win, because he was right about a number of things. Specifically, he warned the American people about all these bogus free trade agreements like NAFTA that were structured to ship manufacturing jobs out of the United States.

Granted, we don’t know if a Perot presidency would have prevented some of the many insane things that occurred over the past few decades, but my assumption is that we would be in a better position if he had won. He was 100 percent right about the dangers of globalism and what it ultimately did to the American economy.

The campaigns that him and Pat Buchanan ran in 1992 were basically earlier populist variations of what Donald Trump did in 2016. It’s just unfortunate that the American people didn’t listen to them at the time. It would have saved us a ton of grief.


As a true Texan Perot knew what a bunch of SCUMBAGS the Bushes really are. That’s probably why he ran in '92, to make sure George Bush Sr. didn’t get re-elected.


i was at my girlfriend’s place in North Dallas when i heard that Perot was going to deliver his concession speech at a local hotel. i told her, “I’M GOING!”. i grabbed my Nikon and pushed my way ONTO THE FRICKING STAGE. lol… nobody stopped me. so i snapped a ton of pics and called Ross over to get a close-up but he didn’t come. i still have the pics…


I remember him when I was in 5th grade, and when the class hosted a mock election, I voted for Perot lol. Guess it was in my subconscious populist mind which I still held to this day! Rest in peace, bro.