Robert De Niro Getting Divorce Raped by His Negroid Wife


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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that modern day marriage is nothing more than a deranged system designed to empower women to arbitrarily steal wealth from men and destroy their lives. There used to be a time when unmarried men were looked at with suspicion and distrust. People questioned if they were a homosexual or had some other weird issue that prevented them from marrying. That is definitely no longer the case.

In modern day clown world, I have actually had numerous men say they are jealous that I am unmarried or have outright congratulated me for being unmarried.

And when you see a story like this, it is easy to see why. Not even wealthy Hollywood actors like Robert De Niro who get lawyers to draft prenuptial agreements are immune from being divorce raped by their wives. De Niro’s Negroid wife is actually challenging the terms of the prenuptial agreement in their divorce proceedings.

NY Post:

Robert De Niro got hit with a real summer blockbuster in court Thursday, when lawyers for his estranged wife demanded half of his “$500 million” fortune — despite a 2004 prenup that his side insists limits her to a $6 million apartment, $500,000 cash and $1 million a year in alimony.

The “Raging Bull” star’s soon-to-be ex Grace Hightower made the big money grab — and revealed intimate details of his net worth — Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court, where the two sat through another in a series of contentious hearings in their ongoing divorce.

The fractured pair — who first married in 1997 and divorced in 1999 — are arguing over the wording of the prenup they signed when they remarried in 2004.

The two are far apart on that wording.

De Niro contends that the prenup sets strict limits on her take in a divorce.

Hightower is solely entitled to $6.5 million in cash and property, his side contends, plus annual alimony of $1 million and half the value of a second apartment.

But her side insists the prenup’s language additionally entitles her to half of what the “Goodfellas” star has made during the remarriage.

The bulk of that half-billion-dollar fortune comes from his movies and his lucrative stake in the Nobu sushi chain.

She also believes she’s entitled to an additional 50 percent of what he earned from his share in Tribeca Grill, the 88-room Greenwich Hotel and Canal Productions.

De Niro is obviously an idiot. He married a nigger and had kids with her. And even crazier is that he married her twice. His family is an abomination to behold. Just look at this picture and try not to vomit.

But all that aside, this story should be a warning to all men. If somebody with the resources of De Niro can get divorce raped by the family courts, what do you think your chances will be if faced with a similar situation?

We are at a point where men need to boycott marriage entirely until the laws are changed. A woman should not be entitled to take half of your wealth in a no fault divorce proceeding. It’s utterly insane that this is actually allowed to happen.

Today, marrying a woman is basically like playing Russian Roulette with a revolver that has all but one chamber loaded.

And let’s face facts, women need men much more than we need them. Boycotting marriage entirely will end their ability to steal resources from men. And maybe when enough women are lonely and miserable, they’ll come to their senses and demand reforms to entice men to want to marry again. But as it stands now, marrying is basically a suicide pact for men.


Poor Bobby. He’s been punched in the head once too often. Recently he had to show up at the courts in downtown Manhattan for the divorce. He whined like a scared bitch because his limo was not where it was supposed to be for his return trip.


that’s what i’ve been doing… it’s just a legal contract subject to the laws of your state. few men read the laws before they get ‘hitched’.

De Niro is getting what he deserves.


At first I thought that she was just an ugly shemale. More proof that de Nero is a god-damned fool who can’t learn from his mistakes.


To judge a person look at who he associates himself with.
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The entire family is hideous.


Among constitutional requirements…

a republican form of government,
repel invasion,
equal protection under the law

What are we getting/seeing?

democracy, communism and anarcho-tyranny;
third-world invasion;
right-wingers banned and incarcerated for self-defense; left-wingers endorsed, rewarded and freed for threats and violence

As an actor, Robert DeNiro has done amazing performances in movies. I just wish he were more sensible and reasonable in race and politics. To hell with him for his foul mouth and treason. But when it comes to these legal matters that affect all of us:

A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract agreed to and signed by two parties! Both parties are both bound by it and PROTECTED by it! For the state to throw out a pre-nuptial agreement to bash the man…



yeah, and a will is a legal document that’s supposed to protect the wishes of the deceased but it does NOT. scumbag judges will override it at the behest of their attorney pals.


Toll being paid. LOL fuck that mudshark. I hope she rapes him


Yeah as I am Italian, growing up, I always hear anti Semitic stuff from the family. Now I carry that on to my children like hardwired instinct lol


i remember the word “ditsoon” being said a lot when eating dinner with one of my many Italian friends families when i was a kid…lol


That post and photo, aside from pointing out correctly why marriage is a lose,lose for men, at this time in history, is the best deterrent for reproducing outside of your race. None of De Niro’s children look remotely like him.