Ritual animal slaughter ban unites Muslims & Jews against European 'ecofascism' – Zizek


" I think this is a clear indication of the political background. That it’s really, if I may use these lightly paranoi[d] terms, a right-wing racist measure masked by ecological concerns."


This begs the question. Why are Jews and Moslems living in Europe to begin with? If Europe is such an oppressive environment, why don’t they go live in their native deserts where they can rape goats and swing chickens around all day long?

Oh, right. It’s because they need a productive, naive host-population to parasitically feed off of.


Exactly… top comments share this perspective.


Quite ironical, as the jews generally promote this “veganism” and “animal’s rights and life” stuff to White People declaring the ones who do not follow as “killers” and “torturers”, yet when they are confronted as being against “animal’s rights and life” they say it’s all “antisemitism” instead.