Richard Spencer Attacks Trump for Racist Tweets on CNN


Originally published at: Richard Spencer Attacks Trump for Racist Tweets on CNN |

Richard Spencer was recently on CNN attacking Donald Trump for his racist tweets.

Don’t get me wrong, I do get Spencer’s argument. He’s upset that Trump hasn’t delivered a whole lot and has just done a bunch of talking and tweeting. And I agree with that.

However, I don’t understand why he’s on CNN attacking Trump specifically for making racist tweets. The racist tweets are very funny and in my opinion a net positive. He compared Trump’s tweets to something your drunk Uncle would say. A pretty funny statement considering Spencer has done all sorts of speeches and live streams while drunk or drinking alcohol.

Sure, Trump hasn’t done a ton from a policy perspective, but his presence in the White House has been a step in the right direction. There was no reason for Spencer to attack Trump when he says things that we agree with. It doesn’t make any sense.

But maybe that’s why Spencer is allowed to have a Twitter account and is appearing on CNN. He’s like the token White nationalist they’ll bring on so the Jewish media can say that White nationalists aren’t being totally censored.


he may be selling-out to the fake news.


Spencer was never really an asset until his conference in Washington, D.C. in Nov. of 2016. Until then he was just another alt-lighter – a slightly more masculine version of Lauren Southern. That conference was his metamorphosis, but it didn’t last long. What a faggot.


Trump can post all the “racist” tweets he wants for his dumb boomer fans but I’m not voting for that orange kike again.



Spencer has always seemed off (fag). Now he is clearly turning himself into a new alt light direction.


I understand how you feel. But if Trump doesn’t launch a new war for jews between now and the election, I will probably be voting for him simply because the alternative candidate is likely going to be even more insane than Hillary Clinton.


he will most certainly attack Iran and or Syria if he wins the election. i’d bet on it.