Republican National Committee Restores Support for Roy Moore


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Now that all these sex abuse allegations against Roy Moore have proven to be without substance or merit, the Republican National Committee has decided to restore support for Moore.

Fox News:

The Republican National Committee is once again supporting embattled Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore after President Donald Trump formally endorsed him Monday, a senior RNC official told Fox News Monday.

Despite losing the backing of many top Republicans, Moore was praised by Trump who said that Republicans would need his vote “on stopping crime, illegal immigration, Border Wall, Military, Pro Life, V.A., Judges 2nd Amendment and more.”

The thing is that the RNC should have never pulled their support to begin with. Would the Democrats ever pull support for one of their candidates at the first sign of allegations? Of course they wouldn't. You pretty much see them defending all of their people even though you got things going on like the Jew Senator Al Franken seen in a photo groping a woman's tits while she's asleep.

Moore is also being 100 percent backed by Trump now so it looks as if he’s going to win this race. The election is only a week away but things are looking good for Moore.



Roy wants to “rebuild the military”- apparently our Armed Goyim Forces getting more $ than the next 7 countries combined in order to fight the Israeli kikes’ wars isn’t enough for Moore.


Moore is a huge champion and supporter of Israel so it’s no wonder - he knows who funds his war chest.

Either way, Jones or Moore - it’s a win for ZOG, and a loss for the American people.


I just assume being a supporter of Israel is a prerequisite for running for office these days


I don’t like the pro-Israel rhetoric either but the entire establishment has tried to sabotage the man. That tells me he’s a wildcard. Plus his stance on immigration and homosexuals is reason enough to support him.


I’m hoping for Moore b/c the alternative is far far worse - open border, no wall and anti-gun/


That’s pretty much how I feel. We’ll find out the results soon. Exit polling seems favorable to Moore so far.


This is why I don’t vote any more- I am so disgusted by the jewish “Democracy” construct. My blood kin were more “free” when they were in tribes living in the forests of Germania and fighting off the Romans


If Moore had won he probably would have been the biggest and most enthusiastic tuchas-kisser for Israel in the entire Senate. At any rate his defeat is yet more proof that we are not going to be able to tweet, meme or vote our way out of racial extinction.