Rep. Dan Crenshaw mocks Lügenpresse


Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, poked fun at journalists gathered for the Washington Press Club Foundation’s 75th annual congressional dinner Wednesday.

“I was a little nervous trying to prepare for this, because they said, ‘Yeah, come make fun of Democrats, it will be fine,’ so I wasn’t sure, should I, like, start ripping on Democrats or should I rip on the press, and then I was like, ‘Eh, they’re kind of the same thing,’” Crenshaw said to laughter during his stand-up routine.

Crenshaw, 35, pointed out that though many of those in attendance didn’t care for President Trump, they should “love him” because of the news content Trump generates. He drew comparisons to John Delaney, a former member of the House from Maryland who is running for the Democratic nomination for president.


The guy wears an eye patch. That’s the only reason he won. Very skiddish on our issues.


he seems good to me. like what issues


eyeoatch thing is from being an Iraq war vet(sadly many men loss their body parts and lives because of this Jew-war)


Furthermore, border security leads to a better legal immigration system. When we finally secure the border, we can then talk about next steps for immigration reform. America is the shining city on the hill and the American Dream is alive and well. Migrants should enter legally and we should welcome them and their contributions to society.

I am aware where it’s from and I feel bad for anyone who loses anything from those Jewish wars (and no I would not thank him for his ‘service’ really as why should I thank anyone for participation in such Jewish wars). However, Crenshaw didn’t learn anything from war as he supports expanding the military and fighting ‘radical Islam’ (as opposed to all of Islam).


I don’t think that will help us. And I think we should. It’s not their fault. They think fighting for their country they don’t realize there is a secret Jewish agenda. And I think George Lincoln Rockwell but agree but I’m not too sure.


I’m not saying I wouldn’t say it. I’m saying it has no meaning as we aren’t thanking them for anything meaningful to the goal which is ‘our freedom’.