Renaming Senate office building after McCain sparks GOP backlash


Neocons try to rename senate building as a poke at Trump.


The alt-right was created to create the illusion that Trump is a white supremacist, while concealing jewish power and blaming jewish wrongdoing on white racism.
I really do believe that the whole purpose for Trumps existence in all of this is to get white America or anyone who is remotely conservative to give up on voting and give up on the idea that our interests can ever be met or our rights preserved.
I mean, we aren’t even permitted to have leaders that mention the fact that the majority of this nation has rights and interests that aren’t identical to illegal trespassers, ghetto porch monkeys, maniacal faggots, muslim rapists and every other form of subhuman garbage in this world.

IDK, nothing else makes much sense about this conman and the never-ending attacks against him by the jewish media and basically everyone on the talmudvision or the radio .



@rmartins This prick has been dead for 6 months and he’s still causing trouble! :fu:t6:

I’m something of an artist, although I’m certainly no Hitler. That being the case I would like to submit a design for the John McCain mural. It would feature all the lowlights from his worthless existence, from wet-starting his Navy fighter jet on the deck of the Forrestal to providing his North Vietnamese captors information in return for special treatment to his involvement in the Keating 5 scandal, etc. I could make it look like a Diego Rivera mural and paint McCain with a brown complexion, since he was always encouraging beaners to come live in our country at our expense.

And this breathtaking image would be the centerpiece of the mural, around which all the other images would orbit: