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She won’t be able to spell all of them, though! :joy::rofl::joy:



A Buddhist Monk on Fascism vs Communism
Paññobhāsa Mahathera talks with Brian Ruhe



YouTube Comments:

“That chunk of stone is better at reporting the news than the entire MSM.”

“I’m surprised that they even reported on that because it’s true.”

“Spray painting 9/11 truth on a rock makes the news. Alaska Fairbanks Engineering study proving explosives brought down Building 7 does not.”

“Rabbi trying to get that college hate speech law passed.”


Be sure to keep an eye on Zionist Report 4’s YouTube channel.


Since I do woodworking as a hobby- Seems like the background paneling of the Greta the sperg pic you posted here is made of tropical rainforest wood- mahogany. Unsustainably sourced and imported
Oh the irony!




A little history behind the picture for those who are interested.

The guys in the chairs is Adolf Hitler, Paul von Hindenburg and Hermann Göring at the Tannenberg monument celebrating a battle during the first world war.

The Battle of Tannenberg was one of the first major battles of World War I . It took place from August 23 - 30 in 1914. It was a resounding victory for the German army and proved that they could defeat larger armies through superior tactics and training.

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Hey there you communist coal burner!





“the jew fears the handshake”



Metropolis / Colorized & Dubbed
Communist Sci-Fi Film from 1927, Germany
Directed by (((Fritz Lang)))
Written by Thea von Harbou, Lang’s wife



Bed time Hillary. And take your meds


The biggest (((ass))) kisser

Biden and his stupid crackhead kid belong in fucking jail. As it turns out the sexual assaults were the least of pedo joe’s issues.

Then it turns out that Bill Clinton had 27 official flight logs on him as hard evidence for attending the Lolita Express, of which at least 5 are logged without Secret Service present.