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Check out @ 5:30 you can see “miss israel” who is the 6ft tall jew tranny from the ZOG military who plays wonder women in some shitty jew made movie about some shitty jew made comic book.

We seem to be reaching the singularity almost as fast as open borders is overrunning our nations and turning them into third world welfare ghettos.


This is the best meme I ever seen in awhile! Downloaded it and shared it!


Haha, seriously don’t make fun of the French- :wink: they are as European like us and yeah they tend to be liberal and shit but if u meet some Quebecois, u will take it back lol- I have some French blood in me…


I have French Canadian in my blood. I was referring to the language.


Fleur de lis as its own terminology? Sure the French language is faggy as it own right lol



@Pelican Am I the only one who is annoyed with you for clogging up these threads with irrelevant nonsense? :angry::-1:t6:


Clogging up? Post away, little duder. It’s a random thread. Much of it is going to be nonsensical. That’s what makes it fun.



And now for some Eric Stryker memes.





Jew unscrews ‘no parking’ sign to avoid ticket



Ferengi = Space Jews


The owner of the car (a Mr Fields admirer) has the balls to affix this hilarious message!


Cheeseburger of Truth on Chatroulette




Tired of winning yet?







Ike was appointed Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe over dozens of better qualified generals. Before WWII the only military action he participated in was helping to crush that WWI vets’ Bonus Army March in 1932.