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Predictive programming from 1979 – SuperTramp album cover flipped

‘UP’ looks like ‘911’ behind the WTC buildings. You are looking at the skyline from inside a plane (notice the plane window that frames the scene). The glass of orange juice (jews) represents an explosion. The album title is ‘Breakfast in America’ which is the time of day the attacks happened.


Ultimate 9/11 Predictive Programming – Jewish Lightning

BACK TO THE FUTURE predicts 9/11


Republicans are Red – Democrats are Blue – Both of these parties are controlled by the Jew



Bringing sugary treats before eliminating enemies is very Hitlerish. Done it myself


Ken O’Keefe in California, 2016



LIONHEART (1990) Jean-Claude Van Damme


Henry Ford is one of the greatest Americans of all time.


From the woods right by my house. Lady slippers look like pussy lips lol.


The pine barrens has tons of em down at south jersey; love that forest
Anyways in my neck of woods: the jewelweed.



Pawpaw tree flowers


pawpaw fruit



Nice peony. I have a collection of tree and perennial peonies; unfortunately I have no pictures here since it had bloomed here in early may. Guess we whites love to garden. Can’t help it it’s in our DNA


The fuck that means?


Turkish figs harvested last fall. Growing figs in zone 7 takes lots of work, had to wrap it up for winter protection




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