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Sheieeeeeiiit…Can I say Nigga while telling a joke???






If Hitler still rules he will not exist at all!









Omg, haven’t seen a TF logo in years. Congrats you are my White Piller of the day5-24


9/11 never happened and it is just a islamophobic. Welcome to the Post Common Sense world.


A man visits a prostitute & says, “Give me something special”. She pops out her glass eye & says, “Skull fuck me, baby!” When they’re finished the guy says, “Wow, that was the best sex I’ve ever had – I’ll be back”. The prostitute replies, “I’ll keep my eye out for you”.



If you can’t take the heat…

but on the other side you can collect welfare and holohoax compensation money



Dear God36a


In honor of all who have served, enjoy your weekend and God bless our troops!!!

MIGA is no easy task but our heroic men, women and trannies are prepared to give no quarter and make even the ultimate sacrifice for Israel. Let’s remember their bravery while we celebrate!

Mazel tov,



Fuck these Mexican putas…


Exceptions can be made for Dogs


In remembrance to all the people who fought in the ZOG military for jewish supremacy to control our nation ushering in kosher clown world!!!

While you are out and about today , ask a normie what exactly israel does for us as our “greatest ally”…while you do this you can rattle off what we’ve given them in the last 50 yrs…well over a couple trillion.