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What Norte Dame Looks Like After it’s rebuilt


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In Pruchnik they cut off the head of the Jewish Judah Jew. They beat them with sticks and burned them


In Podkarpackie Pruchnik, the inhabitants returned to the forbidden tradition of smoking the Judas image. According to the “Yaroslavsky Express”, hundreds of city dwellers gathered at this Easter ritual, including children who got sticks to judge traditional 30 punches on Judas. Then the doll was pulled to the river, her head cut off and burned. And all this on Good Friday, which this year fell on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

They even brought their children with them. According to “Jarosławski Express”, some of them have encouraged them to participate in the ritual. Many of them succumb to conviction, punishing Judas with thirty blows. Then the doll was pulled on a rope to the river, her head cut off and burned.

The presentation of the local medium reveals that during the ritual, anti-Semitic cries from the crowd about the recent events regarding Jewish claims against property left in Poland.



The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.




Based Poland – Judas Effigy Beaten and Burned