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The Beauty of America


Illegal Immigration Explained


Oy Gevalt, this video reminds me of the time my grandfather Rabbi Maury Liebewitzgoldsteinbergersilverbaumblattman was gassed 600 times in the shower ovens before being turned into a soap lampshade shaped as a piece of pizza!
He was only 4 when she died.


You can’t use up a jew card, thats the whole point of a jew card!

That’s right , you can’t use it up, it goes forever!


Ah, the good old days…

The resemblance is uncanny…





There are Literally thousands of Jew twitter accounts spewing out the same ant-white hate

All she wants to say is…" She is Jewish and she is allowed to say that "

>’We white women have to do SO MUCH BETTER than this’
>’Wake up, fellow white people
>’As white people, we have the obligation to stop & LISTEN’
>’Ignorant, fearful white people easily manipulated by appeals to their racism’ - >’I’m Jewish…![:laughing:]

✅verified comm director of Open Society !
Open Society…isn’t that run by George Soros? 🤔




Spotted in dystopian Night City, California.

Night City is in the future Communist State of California, controlled by (((corporations))) and ((( Elites ))). It sees conflict from rampant gang wars and its ruling entities contending for dominance. Homelessness abounds, but does not preclude the poor from modifying themselves with technology, which has brought people to addiction and violence. If they become a threat, the (((armed forces))) Psycho Squad is deployed to deal with them. This is your Children’s future Goyim…



In November 2005, Jackson was caught on tape in a voicemail to one of his former managers calling Jews “leeches” who were conspiring to leave him penniless.


Weird how so many people hate Kikes for no reason at all. So strange. It almost makes you think.





Little Caesars Pizza (((Hand Rubbing))) Commercial


in the thumbnail thought it was shabbos schvartze and the all knowing science schwoogie Neil Degrass Tyson…the blagg space mans n sheeeit!




one of my favorite pepe memes was the vlad one…


well, its official…my IP addressed is shadow banned or something…
What happened to the post you made listing the dual citizen jews?
I copied/pasted it from this site and posted it on like 5 youtube videos that normies i know run and every one of the posts are gone…even the one you originally made.
What is that?
Am i going crazy?