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Does any one have this great meme: it’s 4 or 6 sections featuring a bunch of street-shitters, a load of niggirs, a swarm of south east asian types milling around ,and sum other bunsh of bastrds, with the caption: all these races are 100% compatible, and if you don’t agree then you are a racist.


Actually, I think the other section features our people, whites, oops!


i know this one but cannot find it…i always forget what i label things as in my vault of memes.
Looked through them , but couldn’t find it…




The present chapter contains many an assertion which will make the expert Talmudist smile. It will, however, serve one most useful purpose—namely, to show what the Christians and Muslims of the East hold to be the belief of the Hebrew race and the practices of men dwelling within the same walls as themselves. That this hostility to the Eastern Jews is no mere unreasoning prejudice, but is founded in some sort on fact, the following brief survey of the Rabbinical and Talmudic writings will show. A people which has such a vindictive Oral Law is sure to excite the spirit of retaliation, for obviously the Law exists not merely in letter, but in the spirit.


卐14 words卐


aye, I lost all my great memes I collected thru 2017 most from before the shutting-down… a accidental mass deletion… a disaster… I still think about some of the classics I lost… o well, life goes on…:persevere:


@Steve All jew “memories” involve fleeing from one white country to another for some unknown reason.

If that neurotic jewess doesn’t like living around us white folks she can always make aliyah to Israel or move to the ghetto to be closer to her pet schvartzes. Best option: A one way trip in an unheated cattle car to a forced labor camp in the Arctic Circle.




Hippo Negro


Thanks to the (((Liberators)))



Image result for there are two ways to be fooled Kierkegaard



this yenta should be deported at gunpoint to be culturally enriched by dindus in Nigeria

no worries though, because women are powerful superheroes who are physically just as capable and strong as evil men.


This guy is amazing. He’s probably forgotten more on the guitar than I will ever learn.


And stop supporting any charity

“They took our jobs” is actually true

I like how niggers are inferior to even monkeys


The hangover the next morning must have been massive for AJ.



He must have been drinking all day. Lol I’ve never heard the fat man more slowed down. He’s usually strung out on cocaine.