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Wow, that is frightening.







This sink even comes with a secret decoder ring.



@Pelican Fat Boy Jones looks like he’s going to turn purple and keel over any minute. The coke, the bimbos, the shilling for Zionism, the jewish princesses he married, the jew divorce lawyers…What a fucking train wreck.



Now a reanimated corpse, fronting a bunch of nobodies, playing all the hits:

Nazis and their gold! Ghosts of the British Empire! Germanic Death Cult! Interdimensional DMT Deals Done Down At the Presidio! Scientifically-hijacked brain trust robots!



Ben is rubbing his hands.

“Say YES to diverse Europe goyim, the future generations will thank you for it.”


Nothing like a Muslim to tell you the “truth”…



‘A Suffragette’s Home’, early 20th century. A man arrives home ‘after a hard day’s work!’ to find his children alone and sobbing. The lamp has run out of fuel and is smoking. Pinned to a ‘Votes for Women’ poster is a note saying ‘Back in an hour or so’, written by the mother of the household who has gone off to a suffragette meeting. The implication is that campaigning for the vote meant that women neglected their families. The poster was published by the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage to encourage recruits.





This is a typical Jew comment on twitter…

These Kvetching Jews make me want to vomit.


’WTF is wrong with white women in America, & I say that as a white woman in America’ !! White people need to stop this shit now!!!’ ’I’ve fucking had it with white women’ What is wrong with white people???’’My Jewish grandmother escaped the Soviet Union’

(((((( I say that as a white woman in America’))))))


Staged as fuck and feeling my IQ drain as each second of watching passes.


Where (((LauraH))) lives:

the town was 95.3% White


She needs to be transplanted where I live and become " Culturally Enriched " …In a very short time she will be on her knees begging to go back to her cozy safe --white - town in Connecticut.