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Henry Ford - Life, Work and Legacy


Being a Mason I doubt Dr. Franklin ever actually said those words. But Thomas Payne might have.


ZOG can’t be reformed, it can only be destroyed.


I live for that day, happily. I believe you and I are more hardcore than we can express here.:rage:


Interesting how all these great men from different countries, walks of life and historical eras all came to the exact same conclusions about the jews. I guess that’s because they were all “losers” and “bigots” who blamed their failure in life on scapegoats, or something. :roll_eyes:


I wasn’t always like this, but when a tribe of hostile alien parasites and their army of savage brown untermenschen are out to kill me and enslave the world what else can one do?


Agreed. They want all white males dead within a few generations and they have no issues with admitting it.

I use comedy as an outlet psychologically as a coping mechanism because my anger is unrelenting.



The quote is pretty controversial as to who actually said it , but i find that its relevance outweighs whatever its origin is…but yeah, hard to argue with what (((outside forces))) and (((interests))) have done to not only America but the west in general.
Nowhere left to run, brother.


yeah, its like if YOUR child was suspended from several schools 109 times and they kept insinuating the teachers were picking on them, as a parent what would you do or what would you think?
Well, like all reasonable and pragmatic beings you would come to the conclusion that something your kid was doing was wrong and that it wasn’t everyone else’s fault…
The genius of the jew is not just getting everyone else to toil the land and build so they can skim or find some way to always take a piece of what others build or create, but to stigmatize their entire ilk into this status of the persecuted victim for all of eternity.
The power of victimhood is nothing to underestimate in a society with a race of people who have been taught maniacal pathological altruism for generations.


“If diversity was actually a strength, it would have spread long ago thru human evolution and competition.

Instead, monoethnic societies flourish; diverse societies decay and collapse.

Multiculturalism is to tribalism as communism is to rational self-interest.”





You know @steve I have thought about this for years. Idealism on how things (should) be against Realism on how things (are). I truly believe we can do anything we want technology and ambition can do wonders. But I truly understand we have problem which can be over comed. BUT NOT ANYTIME SOON. Humans are imperfect beings searching for meaning and purpose (idealism). Humans are nothing but animals (Realism). We need a happy medium.



Niggers belong in a zoo




i found this posted on the OD earlier…


You can’t make this shit up even if you tried.

Moon cricket, why do you kill and steal ?:musical_note:
Swamp Guinea, death row with no appeal :musical_note: