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I can’t stress this enough…Free your mind Brothers…






German Navy SAR Sea King Mk.41

That’s a nice number right next to luftwaffe decal

Holocaust is Fake History!
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Nothing like beating an Old Dead Horse !



Stop the Jewish moral decadence and rise above the degeneracy…





JUST like you, white man!

Like what are YOU gonna do when YOU’RE the pastor of a church , white man, NOT use it as an opportunity to strangle pregnant women?


Thats right white man, you owe them even when they commit crimes!

And you owe them when they kill each other over “disrepekz” or air jawdin chimpouts!


Is there anything repulsive that the nigger race won’t do?

Imagine the headlines had a white man done this.

We are constantly told how rape and pedophilia are “white mans crimes” when the truth is that negroes are constantly arrested for sex crimes against women and children, its just never reported.
The fictional mind pollution created in hymiewood spews this narrative nonstop about white sex perverts but the truth is that the stats and reality dictate that niggers are perverted , low IQ retards that have no cognitive reasoning skill from their extremely high testosterone riddled peanut brains.
This is probably why niggers rape and kill for absolutely nothing constantly nationwide on a daily basis.
Its all day everyday and it never ends.



Look at this snake-headed rape monkey…i bet he was about to become a nuclear physicist or an architectural engineer

iz beez demanin ansuhz n sheeeiit cragguh
muh son beez a goot boy dat dindu nuffinz muhfugga
mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga


lol gibs me muh chiggun wangz
these niggers will literally chimpout over nothing.

this is why jews and all politicians in our ZOG would never allow segregation because we would identify the true problem with crime and dependency overnight, literally.


When you smile, the whole world smiles with you…





Digusting kike media goes out of its way to make rapist illegal invader nigger out to be an innocent orphan Christian.
The fact that a hospital would hire this dirty ,evil looking monkey to care for helpless handicap white people in our society is despicable and i hope they get sued to the point that they go out of business but like the media , anything ran by the ZOG is above the law or they wouldn’t be permitted to let some haitian rape ape near humans in our nation.
Did anyone in our nation want this guy here ?
How does he have the qualifications to do this if he is from haiti and why are they describing him as an “orphan” if he is 36?
Zero compassion for a quadriplegic in a coma who was raped and was made to give birth to a half monkey rape baby, but lots and lots of sympathy and mollycoddling for some illegal invader rapist monkey nigger though.

There was a time in this nation where a lynch mob would’ve have formed over something like this and the police would be incapable of doing anything to stop angry citizens from lynching this worthless nigger piece of garbage.
Now white privilege and evil white society will pay to feed it house it and give it lawyers and medical care for God knows how many decades until some liberal judge lets it out to rape and kill more whites.