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Modern Western culture is based on denying objective truth and erecting a false reality in its place.

Our forefathers warned us about organized jewry – but sadly we DID NOT LISTEN to them and have succumbed to it…
The consequences and results have been devastating to America – politically , culturally and economically, as is the same for almost every other nation in this world!

As Henry Makow states – organized jewry is funded & controlled by the zionist bankers.
Many of these bankers are not even truly (genetically speaking) semites ; they belong to jewish satanic cults like Sabbatean Frankists , Jesuits or chabad-Lubavitch zionists who then intermarry with gentiles who are of generational aristocrats and satanists/luciferians to hide better in society.
They are the deep state or shadow ZOG’s everywhere in this world.

Throughout history they have championed “revolution.”
The true occult meaning of revolution is the overthrowing or removal of God from gentile society and the world!
They have financed and trumpeted any and everything that challenges or undermines the salutary natural and moral order : “sexual liberation”; “faggot rights”; feminism; infanticide –ALLdesigned to disconnect white European people from the natural cycle of marriage and reproduction.
They are also the purveyors ,promoters and funders of this poisonous unsustainable “multiculturalism” & diversity in the west that obviously is damaging and hurtful to our people and breaks down natural racial character and cohesion.


@irAteirishman The ancient Romans didn’t put up with any kiking around of their money supply. In fact, I understand they minted their coins in the temple of Juno Moneta, perhaps because they knew that jews couldn’t enter pagan houses of worship. incidentally, Moneta is where the word “money” comes from.


oh yeah , i have heard and read this as well…i read somewhere that the kikes would take silver coins and shave some of the silver off of them to make more coins and be …scamming ,thieving jews.

Just like nigger criminals in the USSA who spend 10 hrs a day selling drugs or stealing for a net profit of a 100$, it seems as if all this effort can be put into something honest and productive with MORE of a monetary reward but this isn’t possible with certain “peoples” genetics.
We are NOT all the same(obviously) and this is why zionism pushes this lying narrative in everything nonstop.
There is a reason why mestizos ,mohammedans and africans don’t have skyscrapers, universities , libraries, roadway systems, indoor plumbing, surplus food supplies , technological/medical advancements and countless other things as white Europeans have for millennia…because some of us are smarter and more motivated than others.
This is a key word , innovation…its the reason why chinks and Japs may have higher IQs in some instances yet have accomplished nowhere near what the white race has.
Architecture, art , music and anything creative was never permitted in chink society because it was never deemed as useful to these dog eating slags.
The honest truth of the entire topic is “where would this world be without white men”?
Why aren’t we honored for the contributions our ancestors selflessly introduced and gave to the entire world?
Why did our people need to go to the third world and teach mongrels our languages and give them our advanced innovative inventions with medicine or anything?
Why are we the nonwhite worlds financial supporters and “parents” if you will?


Without whites the Orientals of China and Japan would’ve been the most advanced race on Earth. But I don’t believe their technology would have progressed beyond the 14th or 15th centuries. And they would’ve remained isolated kingdoms with no interest whatsoever in foreign trade, travel, exploration or colonization.





For real wtf is that lol. Gross. It looks like it could be from an Aliens movie.


yeah , check this out…




Look at this beauty… Wouldn’t you want to wake up to this sight?





It truly is depressing

The only thing better would be if that beer was a colt 45 with a bucket of KFC and a Black face minstrel Pochahanis…!!



America is finished!
The real question left to ask would be, is the the white race also finished?
There is no way to vote our way out, we cannot sit idly by and watch our demise any longer and there will never be any sort of mass internet awakening that will produce enough ‘red-pilled’ soldiers to matter for our cause.
The time to fight for our survival is now…

The relevance of the scriptures of the bible , even when translated and broken down, make no difference if you or i believe them.
They are a timeline and a blueprint used by the jewish controllers to subvert our minds and to give us false hope in something we have no control over.
I was never a believer in manifest destiny , because most people who know the real history of our world and the jewish controllers know that this logic will also be used to destroy whites with the inevitable logic that the browning of our demography is somehow unstoppable and inevitable and how it makes no sense to fight back or attempt to stop it.
Of course all information is manipulated by (((them))) and it all starts with our curriculum in school at a young age.
I did the research myself but really only scratched the surface…
But it IS right there for anyone to see!
The eternal jew not only owns our media, our military, our politicians , lobbyists , pharma, banks and every corporation …but they also own our education system and the curriculum that goes into it which formulates the mind prison our children enter at age 4.
Look for yourselves.
Imagine my shock that our once white European Christian schools and curriculum publishers are now all hunched back ,hook nosed chosenites from the depths of satans fiery inferno.
The Biggest Educational Publishers
1-Cengage Learning. Cengage Learning publishes hard copy and digital educational materials for secondary, higher, and graduate level education. …
2-Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. …
3-McGraw-Hill Education. …
4-Pearson Education. …
if you look at these 5 curriculum publishers you will see that they were all created and founded by white men and now they have been transformed into indoctrination propagandists of white guilt , white privilege and holocaustianity.


the picture of the pickaninny eating waddymelinz should be mainstreamed to destroy her as it would for anyone who was pro white in any way.


Worst of them all.


Objects in the Mirror are closer than they appear.


Strange, how the men who wish to dictate and destroy the next generations have no stake in it.

That look on Tucker’s face shows you that those lefty faggots will never experience such happiness. Having a family of your own is an amazing feeling and is what makes you care about the future.


Warning: graphic content.