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Andrew Jackson — ’ (((You))) are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout (((you))) out, and by the eternal God, I will rout (((you))) out.’



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his last words on his death-bead supposedly were “i killed the (((banks)))”

“I killed the (((bank))).”
That’s what reads on Andrew Jackson’s gravestone, not that he was the seventh President of the United States, not that he was part of a very young revolutionary country, but I killed the ((bank)))– pretty significant and pretty telling.









President Harry S. Truman and the Jews
By Texe Marrs

Once upon a time, the Zionist Jews who control America loved President Harry S. Truman. Starting the moment he was sworn in as President following the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman slavishly followed their dictates. He committed mass murders for them; he ordered the CIA to assassinate top U.S. leaders who were their enemies; he endorsed their socialist economy aims.

But most of all, working hand-in-glove with Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, Truman literally created the Nation of Israel.

Yes, Truman is the “Father of Israel.” Under his leadership, Israel was first recognized as an independent state. As I document in my investigative exposé (Available on Tape or CD), against virtually unanimous opposition within his own cabinet and in Congress, on May 14, 1948, President Truman issued a declaration recognizing Israel as a new nation in the Middle East.

Truman Given Two Million Dollar Bribe by Zionists

All Zionists were, of course, ecstatic, but the Zionist elite knew months in advance that Truman would do this. As I explain and prove in my latest investigative report and in my book, Conspiracy of the Six Pointed Star, a Zionist powerbroker, Abraham Feinberg, had, just months before, given the President a two-million dollar bribe—$100 bills packed in suitcases—to recognize Israel.

This bribe to Truman, confirmed by recently released FBI archives, means that Israel is today and always has been an illegitimate state established on the basis of a criminal act.

The Truman White House was overflowing with Jewish bureaucrats, treacherous Communists, and Israel firsters with little allegiance to the U.S.A. In the Truman White House also was Harry Hopkins, a secret Soviet agent who arranged for Stalin and Russia to be given America’s nuclear blueprints and materials. The fledgling nation of Israel was also given atomic bomb materials and plans.

Mass Murders, Assassinations, and Holocausts

Two dedicated American patriots, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal and General George Patton, refused to go along with the Jewish treachery and takeover of the White House. Both were cruelly assassinated. Forrestal was “suicided,” being thrown out of a sixteenth floor window.

Under orders from his Jewish superiors, Truman used nuclear bombs to massacre hundreds of thousands of Japanese in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This in spite of the fact that the Japanese emperor and generals had already petitioned America to allow them to surrender.

Another massacre of gargantuan proportions occurred in postwar Germany when Truman, at the insistence of Jewish billionaires who were his handlers, Morgenthau and Baruch, ordered that millions of innocent German citizens—men, women, and children—be starved, frozen to death, or otherwise killed.

Truman looked the other way when many American servicemen held in German POW camps were turned over to Stalin. The Soviet monster sent the tormented American servicemen to torturous Soviet gulags where they eventually died of overwork and starvation.

Implementing what was called the Morgenthau Plan, the psychopath President and his cohort, Stalin, had millions of Germans rounded up and taken to the same concentration camps previously run by the Nazis. In some of these camps (see the book, An Eye for An Eye by John Sack), believe it or not, inhuman Jewish guards and Camp Commandants raped and tortured the German women and children. The heads of little babies were smashed against walls, and male prisoners were often beaten to death.

China was turned over to the ruthless Communist, Mao Tse Tung, by Truman. This was a significant blow to Asia and has had the most horrific reverberations for America ever since.

Truman and his Jewish bosses refused to allow General MacArthur to vigorously prosecute the war that had broken out in Korea. When the veteran General objected to Truman’s coddling the Communist invaders, he was fired by the cocky President.

A Private Hatred and Significant Rebellion

While President Truman, for the most part, meticulously followed the marching orders dictated to him by his Zionist overlords, he privately chafed about his subordinate status. He despised the Jews’ smug, superior attitudes and resented the fact that they had bribed him to recognize Israel.

Interestingly, Truman finally rebelled in what appears to have been a small but was actually a very significant way. When the declaration to recognize Israel was brought to him for his signature, it first read: “…the new Jewish State of Israel.” Truman took his pen and lined through the words “new Jewish.” This meant that the U. S. recognized not a “new Jewish State”—a religious and racial designation—but instead simply a “State.”

To this day, the Zionists insist theirs is a “Jewish” State. In other words, a Jewish religious theocracy. But this is not so. Israel was recognized by President Truman and the U.S. as a secular State, not as a Jewish religious theocracy. This has tremendous significance for the Palestinians. Today, the Palestinians are unfairly treated as non-citizens in Israel. They are allowed neither to vote or to own property, as the Jews spout the fiction that Israel was founded as a Jewish State and those of other races and religions do not belong.

Truman’s Appraisal of Jews

Years after Truman’s death, found in his files was this entry dated July 21, 1947 from the President’s Personal Diary: “The Jews, I find are very selfish…when they have power, physical or political, neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the underdog.”

Because of this entry in his Personal Diary, many of the Jewish elite have belatedly branded Harry S. Truman an “anti-Semite.” Which goes to show that to the Jews, no matter how slavishly one serves the cause of Israel and Zionism, even a private opinion written in one’s personal papers leaves that person vulnerable to unfair, smear charges of anti-Semitism.

Still, no one can accurately say that President Harry Truman did not fully understand the unpatriotic sentiments and attitudes of the Jews who reside in America. After his retirement, in 1956, Truman confided in an interview his knowledge that American Jews were disloyal to the U.S. He stated: “When a Jew born and living in America talks to his Jewish companions about ‘our government,’ he means the government of Israel.”



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i always related to the message about the eternal jew from guys like Texe Marrs and Eustice Mullins …but…Hitler was not a Sabbatean Frankist as they claim.
If he was, the jews would’ve backed off the nonstop attack against him and the Reich a long ,long time ago.
Instead, at any time of the day on any day of the week the talmudvision is airing something to mind warp the goyim about how evil white people are when we band together to fight for our nations, our people or our interests.
The eternal jew needs to make any white leaders who are good for our people and our history look like monsters and evil scum because they cannot have us following their blueprint of kicking out the jew bankers and creating debt free currency.
After all, this was Hitler and Germany’s great “crime” was telling the kikes who print money and charge their usury tax on it to fuck off to Madagascar or whatever…
Instead , the evil moneychangers of the temple won the war and it took all the nations of the world and all their wealth to defeat national socialist Germany.
I cannot buy into this narrative, and i assume its the only reason why its permitted on formats like (((youtube))).

And this is where they get all of their power…
I ask another person once again, if you had the power to create and print money out of thin air and then charge every nation (basically) in the world interest on it, what or who wouldn’t you own?


if the ZOG actually does this, i will NEVER hold or use another 20$ shekel note again.
I will purposefully demand tens and fives or ones from the cashiers everywhere.