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We mustn’t leave out the ubiquitous (((venomous spiders))) that spin their web of deceit.



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JUST like you , white man!

Like what are YOU gonna do when you get into an argument with your mum, NOT beat and stab her to death and dump her corpse in a alleyway inside a trashcan?





A classical case of PMS Previous Man Syndrome.

" How dare you call me SIR !! "

Dear Tranny freaks: Its not the job of normal people to encourage your insanity…









fucking war criminals






There are rumors that Truman was a you know who. A failed haberdasher from Kansas City who was also a 32nd degree Mason? Hmmm…


@irAteirishman Jews are such charming, attractive looking people…




Yes, Truman was one of (((them))) and got his 33° bump after bombing the Japs.
Of course the more militarized and populated areas of their island nation were Tokyo and Osaka , yet they were not chosen as targets.
Instead , cohencidentally, our “leaders” and their kosher banker string pullers chose Hiroshima and Nagasaki because they were the most Christian populated areas of Japan.
I post these basic type memes and pics all the time because it should be common knowledge to anyone to be able to use these facts in any debate where it starts getting a little shit-libby with some normie co-worker or in-law.
We need to make these facts basic talking points that should never be forgotten or left out in ANY debate over the evil juden that rule over us.
Maybe one day if said enough, these facts can be forced into peoples minds and they can see a bigger piece of the big picture.
I pointed out to a co-worker the other day how it took Russia’s military all of about a week to defeat the CIA & mossad’s proxy militia/fake terror group “ISIS” that our military has been pussyfooting around with for so many years in one form or another.
How long have we been in the desert now, since 91?
What are the underlining objectives and goals?
Exactly , so why don’t our leaders care about our nation where they can line up the military in our desert to stop dozens of thousands of people from dying from overdoses on fentanyl or the countless other victims of violence and drunk driving and rape and fraud that we sustain by allowing these parasites to flood into our land?
Then you point out the loxism meme and the other zio-memes and it starts making sense to normal people.
We all have to be loud and emphatic about our stances and what is right.
People ARE waking up but it needs to start formulating into action.