Random Memes and stuff


Someone pointed out to me that the taco bell insignia is a demons eyeball…




Oy vey, that antiSemitic turtles gonna get a call from this heebs attorney for mental distress


There’s a part 2 lmao



uhz dinn doo nuffinz cragguh

That’s MISTER whip cracker to you, nigger


I know this is old but i just thought i’d remind you racists out here that negroes are JUST like you, white man.


CBS Chicago

Brett Favre And Other Celebrities Tricked By Hate Group


Why is it wrong to remember uss Liberty?


Telling the truth is “anti-semitic” and hateful. The crime itself is okay.

This is how Jews think.


BTW I named my daughter Liberty.


Libby for short and she lives up to her name. What a wild child BTW she is a lefty. Just as wild as me but more hard headed.


My biggest weakness and the most joy come from my babies.


So my cousin on my dad’s half married a very large ugly black woman and his kids look like they have aids. Those poor souls…wait do they even have any… Wait I am not Mormon








@steve has a great meme showing people being maced by cops and below the protests it says they want more government. Below the cops it says more government.