Random Memes and stuff







You goys improved my day after a bad one with your combined humor, so I thank you gentlemen.


That sucks brother , but hopefully you can get some laughs while the world crumbles…i know i cannot live without a bit of laughter everyday.
Its what gets us through…
Hope your weekend is a great one!




and of course the classic…




Destroy (((their))) propaganda to save our race! We must create our own media!


With jews, there will be no peace on this earth! We can not negotiate with the devil!


Guess (((who))) is behind degeneracy

Jews, do not like to get their weapons taken away. porn is a Jewish weapon


You forgot the colt 45 malt liquor and the Newports






The “Holocaust” is an imaginary story that was created in the late 1970s by jews to deflect attention from a 1975 UN resolution that declared Zionism was a form of racism. In 1978 NBC aired a miniseries titled “Holocaust”, a fictional drama that kicked off the entire Holocaust Hustle.


that miniseries has become a maxiseries and is still running to this day.


Funny i hear on the show made to interpret WW2 titled “Hogans Heroes” they never brought up the 6 quadrillion





Oy Gevalt…BAD schvartze , you must obey our “kill whitey” narrative because he has oppressed you for 6 gorillion centuries …