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fuck alec baldwin

If I saw him dying of thirst in the Mojave desert.,I wouldn’t give him the sweat off my balls.





The nigra has lost its fear of the White man. Seeing this will reinstill fear in the nigra. Guaranteed.



Don’t negotiate with terrorist or any nigger for that matter…


The jews love him.


Start young.








Winter will be here soon ! Whiteness feels great !!


((( “Communism has never been tried” )))


Bodycam Shows Police Officer Shooting Suspect Who Grabbed Taser

Another Nigger gets " Froggy "and bites the Dust.

Shit happens in Miami…


I believe this is from a movie set. I’d love to have this car. From what I found it appears to be a 1937 Union Auto, which became AUDI. From looking at pictures, the 1937 had a more pointed nose than the earlier model as well as the vent along the sides. But other pictures showed two air vents toward the inner fenders. I am wondering if this car had some custom work. So if anyone knows more about the car, kindly give me a message. I can see me driving around wearing a SS officer’s uniform with the top down.


@ZyKlon i call shotgun


When milk is a sign of white greatness



@ZyKlon @Steve and cohencidentally i’ll probably be riding with a shotgun.