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When you are driving along the street and see this:

Just remember this: (Note it is in miles)


Because if you stop, they are going to do this to both your car and yourself:


After Reginald Denny, why does anyone stop?


Simple, because the Jews control the media and if anyone else does not stop, they will be called as a “nigger-hating neo nazi white supremacist” by the Jewish media. For the blacks they would be called as an “Uncle Tom” or “House Nigger”. But if for Jews, well they get away as you can see it. The Jews control, basically everything, except the will of survival of the White Race!


When Jews suffer from the mental condition of paranoia, which is 99.99% of the time.



Mexican classic cars




LOL, he’ll NEVER recover from this! :laughing::laughing::laughing::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Years ago I briefly worked in a suburban middle school that had a large population of jewish kids. They spent most of their time talking about anti semites. And almost half the school library’s bookshelves were stocked with books about the you-know-what-o-caust. I shit you not.


Yes, publications in Eastern Europe that are not under kike control.


There’s a reason why European cultures burned unmarried, childless middle-aged women as witches






((( Steven Speilberg )))


Your average special snowflake





Paul Nehlen
24th August 2018 at 7:00 am
Outstanding interview. Can not wait to read the book. Rich obviously has a deep grasp of the issues facing western civilization, and Whites in particular. Loads of factual data brought out in his answers to the interviewers questions. Really fascinating podcast. Well done!

Interregnum — Liberalism Unmasked with Richard Houck


Jews & Psychopathy by (((Doreen Dotan)))

Description on her Vimeo channel : “The most pressing challenge that faces us is forming organizations that are immune to Psychopaths. All of our societal troubles stem from the fact that Psychopaths infiltrate and soon dominate our Systems. This is true in religion, in business, in government, in research, in teaching, in health care, in social services and so on.”


They are truly the worst creatures imaginable! The Middle Ages were a lot more enlightened than our present jew-run “democratic” age, I’ll tell you what.