Queen Ann Coulter on Pot




I used to smoke pot, especially in my high school and college years.

I quit after reading Mein Kampf.


Some people can’t handle pot, nothing shocking about that since that’s typical of any “drug.”

Needs to be de-criminalized and made legally available to adults. I quit smoking routinely some time back, but it’d still be nice to be able to smoke a bowl on occasion, like right now on a Saturday morning with storms about and aching from the week’s labor, without worrying about legal concerns.


Queen Ann is just stuck in Ronny Raygun mode. logic and reason is not her strong-suit. marijuana doesn’t cause 1/100th the misery of LEGAL prescription drugs which are prone to deadly side-effects. the side-effects on SOME PEOPLE from weed are negligible by comparison and the medical benefits of weed are many.

in a ‘free’ country we should have control over our own bodies and be able to medicate ourselves without government oversight. The JEW OWNED evil pharmaceutical industry fought tooth & nail to keep the prohibition on Marijuana. in fact i was JEWS who promoted the evil DEA’s “war on drugs” which was almost entirely a war ON PLANTS. Gov Thugs were literally murdering people in the wee hours over it and here’s just ONE of thousands of stories of DEA thug gov corruption. Donald Scott was a cali millionaire who had a mansion and land which abutted a state park. the parks department wanted to buy his land to add to the park but Scott refused. here’s what they did… after they murdered him in front of his wife they posed for pics outside of Scott’s home.

Later, the lead agent in the case, sheriff’s deputy Gary Spencer and his partner John Cater posed for photographs arm-in-am outside Scott’s cabin, smiling and triumphant, says Larry Longo, a former Los Angeles deputy district attorney who now represents Scott’s daughter, Susan.

“It was as if they were white hunters who had just shot the buffalo,” he said.
Donald Scott case - killing for land


Somehow i misunderstood the headline of this topic. First i thought hot Queen Ann was drugged with pot. But she only talked about pot. That’s boring…


think the jews want legalize weed to make us passive also it makes you into a leftie



get fucking lost, moron…


Potheads tend to talk about nothing else except pot, so I generally avoid them. There are concerns about the long-term effects on cognitive abilities for heavy dope smokers. And like you say it makes users passive. Besides, smoking dope is a niggerish thing to do. But I don’t care what adults do in their free time.