Promise Keepers is Back


Check out this article regarding a revamping of The Promise Keepers. For those of you who aren’t Generation X and have no memories of The Promise Keepers, let me fill you in. The Promise Keepers was an Men’s Evangelical Christian Organization that used to fill stadiums up in the 90s. It was led by an ex-Catholic who became a “Christian” by the name of Bill McCartney. He was a degenerate gambler, womanizer, alcoholic, wife beater, and his daughter got pregnant twice by two different Football Players (one Samoan, one Black) when he coached at the University of Colorado–all while being “saved”.


I thought we had seen the last of this cloying sanctimonious huckster. At least the comments following the article suggest readers are less than enthused.


You can’t sell this bullshit to anyone under 50 anymore.


Exactly. The screaming, evangelical Bible thumpers are the most hypocritical ones


The endless crying is what gets me.


Whatever someone’s religious beliefs are they should be kept to one’s self. It’s a private matter, like your sex life and bowel habits - NOT INTERESTED.


Totally agree. Check this out–incredibly over the top cringe.