President Trump Walks Out of Meeting with Chuck and Nancy


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President Trump walked out of a meeting with Chuck and Nancy after Nancy said she wouldn’t approve a border wall even if Trump agreed to immediately reopen the government.

How can anybody blame him? Democrat leadership is being totally unreasonable on this issue. Many top Democrats are on video over the past decade plus saying how important it is to secure the southern border. They even advocated for walls and barriers. But all of a sudden they refuse to provide a few billion dollars to do it.

He said during a bill signing today that he’d do this if he felt he was negotiating with unreasonable people.

Well, based on what happened today, it is obvious that Chuck and Nancy are totally unreasonable. Both of them spoke to the press after the meeting was over and put out the same bullshit we’ve heard over and over again. The lying Jew Chuck claimed Trump was slamming his fist down on the table and other stupid shit.

Mike Pence and other Republicans also talked to the press about the aftermath of the meeting. They described the Democrats as having no interest in resolving the problem.

The bottom line is that the Democrat Party is evil and hates America. They’re against common sense measures to secure the nation’s borders. It looks as if Trump is going to have to do the wall construction unilaterally with the emergency declaration.


Trump asked, “If we fund the government until February, are you going to fund the wall then?” Nancy said, “No.” What was left to talk about?

Also, Chucky Jewmer says Trump slammed his fist on the table. The republicans in the room say he’s lying, and that Trump needs to bring cameras into future meetings.


There’s this too…

I was trying to figure out what the hell I was reading for a minute, before I realized what the site was. Poorly written, but kind of funny.


Schumer pushed for and got The U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 approved as well as an imprimatur, or guarantee of Congress, to ensure that future presidents can’t renege on this $38 billion deal negotiated in 2016 which is the most generous package ever given to Israel.

But yet this Kike is keveching about 5.7 Billion dollar wall…Fuck you Schumer


Shuckin’ and jivin’

Also any white who writes for such sites unironically are traitors.


I doubt they’d have White writers. There were a couple of lines in that article I still don’t understand.

(no Shiggy challenge)

What is that? Does anyone know?




I’ve been saying it for a while now. They blasted Trump as a Nazi and nobody wants to work with a Nazi. To them even giving Trump an inch would be working with Nazis it would be political suicide.


yes, but this will go before the courts and since Chief Justice Roberts is a Bush appointee, globalist filthy traitor, Trump is going to have to wait for The Jew Hag to die and then wait for the BS character assassination hearings to complete. otherwise he could lose in the courts. he can’t take that chance.


yes, they give the real 9/11 terrorists tens of billions. who says, “crime doesn’t pay?”



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