President Trump to Deliver Address on Border Crisis


Originally published at: President Trump to Deliver Address on Border Crisis |

Tomorrow evening President Trump is set to deliver an address regarding the national security crisis on the southern border of our country.

It also looks as if he’s planning to visit the southern border later in the week to further highlight the problems and the need for a border wall.

Trump should build the wall unilaterally and then make additional demands from the Democrats to reopen the government. That’d be very funny and the most ideal situation but I’m not overly optimistic that this will happen. We’ll just have to see what he says during tomorrow’s speech. Undoubtedly we’ll get some answers by then.

But quite frankly, there aren’t very many of his supporters who care if the federal government continues being shutdown or not. Trump’s base are mostly Whites who work in the private sector for a living. They don’t need money from the government to eat like many Democrat supporters.