President Trump Delivers Speech on Border Crisis


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President Trump delivered a live prime time speech from the Oval Office addressing the border crisis. It wasn’t a bad speech but there wasn’t anything new. He didn’t declare a national emergency and just made the case for border wall funding.

His speech was followed up with Chuck and Nancy blabbering the same bullshit claiming walls aren’t effective, contrary to values etc…

So nothing has changed. Both sides are still dug into their positions. Considering the build up we saw for the speech I was expecting that something new would be rolled out but that was not to be the case. I’m not sure where this goes next but I’m fine if the government stays shutdown indefinitely. The shutdown primarily impacts Democrat voters who leech off of government waste and I couldn’t give a fuck about those people.


Trump spoke clearly and concisely to the American people. He got his point across well, IMO.

Who could argue that illegals benefit the U.S. in any way shape or form?

Nancy and Chucky had NO answer, only glib talking points - both looked like zombies raised from the dead, Nancy in particular.

Her taxidermist does good work…



Trump only has to string his constituency along for about another year until the Dems pick some batshit-crazy gay black lesbian illegal immigrant Bolshevik as their presidential candidate and Trump’s base gets ginned up. Until then he just has to keep blaming the Dems for blocking his agenda. If Trump did not get The Wall ball rolling while the Republicucks controlled both Houses of Congress it sure as hell won’t happen now.


Trump didn’t appeal to European Americans once tonight, not even implicitly. He talked about illegal immigration hurting niggers & spics, but nothing about how it hurts white people…you know, the people who elected him.

The bottom line to this whole (((narrative ))) is how fast they can replace us .


These people are monsters. The spawn of Satan.


All I heard was more pandering to blacks and beaners. It was basically all bark, no bite, yawn and change the channel.


Reminds me of this video